Traditional Swedish food

Swedish dishes

Sweden may not primarily be known for its food, but some traditional dishes and other food come from here.

How about this list.

The pickled herring is probably one of those dishes that you either like or hate.
And it is available in a lot of different variants, such as spirits herring, mustard herring or onion herbs and more.
Herring is eaten by Swedes for almost all holidays such as Christmas, Midsummer and Easter.
Pickled herring and potatoes on a plate
Meatballs with potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberries
Meatballs may be the Swedish dish that is best known abroad. Of course, it should be eaten with potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam, but many varieties exist.
For the younger ones, macaronies and ketchup tend to be popular accessories.
Meatballs and mashed potatoes
Almost everyone likes Smörgåstårta. Popular at various types of festivities or celebrations..
Truly a classic that is often a favorite among children. Can be cooked in many different ways, eg fried or baked together with mustard, cheese and tomatoes.
The most common accessories may be stewed macaroni and ketchup, but it works just as well with boiled or fried potatoes.
Fried falukorv
Pea soup
Thursdays, it is the day for pea soup. It probably known by almost every Swede. The fact that you eat pea soup on Thursdays comes from the military when you ate this just on Thursdays.
Made from yellow peas and classic accessories are bacon or pork.
Along with the pea soup you also eat pancakes.
Pea soup in a bowl
Toast skagen
Classic Swedish dish or appetizer during the warmer part of the year.
Available in a few different varieties, but the base is mayonnaise, sour cream and shrimp.
A classic toast skagen
Surströmming/Fermented herring
Nothing for the sensitive. Smelly fish in sheet metal may not sound so good, but many people like this kind of food after all.
Most people eat it on soft thin bread, but it goes well without it.
Common accessories are butter, boiled potatoes, västerbottenost, sour cream, tomatoes and chopped red onion or chives.
Fermented herring jar

Desserts and goodies from Sweden

In addition to clean dishes, there are other things to eat, such as dessert or pastries.

We have some classics in Sweden, here are some examples.

Cinnamon buns
The cinnamon bun, a genuine Swedish classic. Tastes best with a glass of milk.
The cinnamon bun Day is celebrated on October 4th.
Cinnamon buns. Cinnamon buns is Day October 4th.
Dammsugare/Vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner, a delicious treat that you risk taking far too many of.
Now available in slightly different variants, for Christmas you usually make a variation that tastes gingerbread, tasty!
Dammsugare/Vacuum cleaner
Delicious saffron scented buns that are usually baked and eaten for Christmas. The original contains raisins, but other variants are of course available.
Lussekatter or lussebullar
Kladdkaka/Chocolate cake
Available in a lot of different variants. With and without chocolate, ready-made mixes or with dates as a basic product. In common, they are all extremely tasty!
Chocolate cake and coffee
Sometimes one wishes that the season for semla would extend throughout the year, but it is a delight to know that they are usually only available to buy within a certain period of the year.
However, that bit has changed more and more in recent years, and now you can get a semla all year round.
These too are nowadays available in a variety of variants, although the original contains cream and almond paste.
Semla and coffee