Shipping & delivery


UPS shipping all over the world

We use UPS to deliver your ordered goods. UPS has proven to be the shipping company that manages the deliveries in the best way.

Normally, your order is delivered to your door. In some areas, the packages are delivered to the nearest delivery/pickup point if no one was present at the time of delivery.

Shipping costs are shown when you enter the checkout page. You can also see the shipping costs in the shopping cart by selecting the country and entering your postal code.


UPS different shipping options

Please note that the shipping times below are calculated from when we ship your order. We always ship as fast as we can, but when we receive a large number of orders, the processing time can be a bit longer.

  • UPS Standard - Road transport within Europe. Normal delivery time is 2-5 business days. Click HERE for a transit time map.
  • UPS Saver - Air Freight Worldwide. Normal delivery time within Europe is 1 business day, USA 1-2 business days, rest of the world 2-5 business days depending on destination.
  • UPS Expedited - Air Freight Outside Europe. Somewhat slower than UPS Saver. Normal delivery time is 4-8 business days depending on destination.

Now we have the possibility to show more accurate delivery time to most countries and cities in the world. Choose your country and enter your postcode in the shopping cart or checkout, the estimated delivery time is shown for each shipping option.

Please see the estimated delivery time as an indicator of how long it will take for your order to arrive.

Please note that the number of days is calculated from the time we send your order. We always ship as fast as we can, most orders the same day or the day after they are placed.

Customs handling of shipments outside the EU can also cause the delivery to take longer than expected.

Other cirumstances such as mechanical failures, unexpected events (eg Covid-19) etc. can cause the delivery to take longer than expected.

Examples of shipping time and price below.

Shipping options incl. delivery time shown in cart.

Shipping options incl. delivery time shown in cart.

Shipping options incl. delivery time shown at checkout.

Shipping options incl. delivery time shown at checkout.

Many of you have questions about the shipping costs. These costs varies depending on, for example, fuel surcharges, therefor we don't use fixed shipping prices.


General exemples of shipping costs.

  • Europe: from 89 SEK
  • USA/Canada: from 175 SEK
  • Asia: from 190 SEK
  • Australia: from 275 SEK


Soft/fresh bread and products with short expiration dates

Many of our customers like the Swedish soft bread.

We always try to schedule the delivery of these kind of products to the beginning of the week. In some cases, this may mean that an order that is placed on a Tuesday will not be delivered from us until Monday after the weekend depending on where you live, and which shipping method you have chosen.

In addition to this, we will notify you about these delivery changes.

To receive as fresh bread as possible, please choose UPS Saver or UPS Express as shipping method.

Customs and Tax/VAT

Customs and VAT charges may apply for deliveries outside the EU. 
You as the recipient are responsible to pay these fees.
Orders shipped within the EU includes Tax/VAT and are not subject for custom fees.
Orders placed outside the EU region are tax/vat free. However, tax and custom feex may apply at delivery of your order.



When the order is placed you will receive an order confirmation via email. Make sure you enter a correct email address when placing your order.
Updates that occur on your order are communicated via mail.
When the order is sent you will receive one (or more) tracking number(s) where you can track your order all the way.

If a product has expired or has long delivery we will contact you to agree on the best solution.


UPS Worldwide

Below a map showing UPS Standard delivery times within Europa.

Transit time using UPS Standard