How does it work?

Order process

You find all the goods you want to order. Either by browsing through the categories or using the search function, which is quite powerful, or a combination of both.

When you are satisfied, enter the Checkout. You can find it under the Shopping Cart.

At checkout you need to fill in all the necessary information such as name, address, email and telephone number and choose shipping and payment method.

Complete the order by pressing Place Order at the bottom of the checkout page.

If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, we will start processing your order when we have registered the payment in our bank account.


Once we have received your order, we will collect all the different products for your order from our local stores.

Normally this is done the same day as your order is placed, but may take longer if we have received a large number of orders lately.

If one or more items cannot be found, or if a delay should occur, we will notify you by email.

Packaging and shipping

When all goods are collected, we pack them into one or more boxes depending on the content, weight and size of the order.

We always make sure to pack everything as carefully as possible!

Delivery is made by UPS without exceptions. We believe that UPS has the best service when shipping worldwide.

UPS will pick up the packages from us every weekday afternoon for further transportation to you.

Order status

Your order will be updated with different statuses as your order is processed. Below we list the most common ones.

  • Processing - When payment is received, the order receives this status.
  • Ready to ship - This means that all goods are ready and the order can be sent. Note, it doesn't actually mean it's already packed.
  • Complete - Your order has been sent and you have received an email with tracking information.

There are a few additional statuses that may appear depending on payment method and other factors.

  • Pending - Normally means waiting for incoming payment if you have chosen to pay by bank transfer.
  • Canceled - Your order has been canceled.
  • On Hold - We keep your order on hold. Usually because we need to get in touch with you regarding your order.

Customs and VAT

If you order from a country outside the EU, you won't pay any VAT. However, VAT and customs fees may be added at final delivery.

We have automatic systems for creating shipping documents to minimize the risk of enter incorrect document details etc.

Products with short expiration date

Products with short expiration dates, such as soft/fresh bread, we try to send to arrive before the weekend. This could mean that we will wait until Monday to send an order that has been placed on a Thursday because it contains soft/fresh bread. Note that this is done if we have the time and possibilities.


If you are unhappy with something, such as a broken item inside the package or something else, contact us via our contact form so we can solve it in the best way!